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Fraser Steel Does All Things Tubular™

Global Specialist in Precision Tubular Parts

Fraser Steel is a global specialist in the design
and fabrication of precision tubular parts,
components and welded assemblies
for OEMs
with exacting standards around the U.S. It is synonymous with tube bending, laser tube cutting, and tube finishing.

Bent on Perfection

Only Fraser Steel’s sophisticated
concept-to-completion capabilities consistently achieve the precise tolerances, intricate profiles and specific finishes that customers demand. Its reputation for precision earned it the ISO 9001 certification – the international mark of quality.

Engineered for Precision

Unlike other metal manufacturers that dabble in tubing, Fraser Steel excels in tubular applications requiring resourceful design solutions, short turn times, close tolerances, high quality standards or cost efficiencies.

All Things Tubular

Fraser Steel partners with OEMs in virtually any industrial or consumer market that uses tubes. It does whatever it takes to help customers resolve an engineering dilemma, redesign a component, perfect an assembly process, or meet a tight delivery deadline.

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